Follow the silk route to… DUBROVNIK


Today’s postcard is from Ragusa, now known as Dubrovnik,  one of the oldest, most beautiful and yet unknown cities in the whole Europe.  Located on the east shore of the Adriatic sea, it may not be as big as Split nor as wide as Zadar, but it is the most magical enclave of the Dalmatian coast.

Cool facts to know:

  • The city was besieged for eight months in 1991
  • It is surrounded by 2 km of walls and no army has ever been able to breach them.
  • Dubrovnik a.k.a King’s Landing (also featured in the Star Wars and Robin Hood movies)
  • It was one of the first countries, back at the time Dubrovnik was a free state of its own, in the world to abolish slave trade.

Tips: Walk barefoot ( uptight people refrain from doing this) around the old marble streets of the Old Town, even better if it is at night, and use the Ploče entrance instead of the Pile Gate, you will be walking anticlockwise but this is the hard tram and the sooner the better, then you can fully enjoy the rest.


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