DUBAI: More than just a pretty face


Follow the silk route to… DUBAI

Today’s confession: it annoys me a lot when people say that Dubai is just a manmade futuristic vision; and it annoys me even more to have to see pictures of the skyline of Dubai on Instagram. Don’t take me wrong, it’s beautiful but it’s not the best Dubai has to offer. So, once it’s alright but when you’ve been to Dubai more than 4 times and the only thing you can say about it is: “SKYLINE“. We’ve got a problem.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine decided to make the leap into the Middle East (specifically to Dubai) and since I’d recently been there she asked me what I thought about it. I was tempted to answer something along the lines: “cool” or “nice buildings” but then I thought “HELL NO” I am tired of all your “ look at me, I am in Dubai. Can’t you tell by the skyline?” Instagram pictures so before she knew I unleashed all of the feelings I had been holding in for so long.

So…What’s today’s menu?

Museum of Dubai ( Al Fahidi Fort)– Because whether you believe it or not, history is good for you. I am not joking :). Dubai wasn’t always like this and although its history is somehow limited ( it’s a rookie compared to Europe), it is interesting enough to spend an afternoon roaming the corridors of this old fort- considered to be the oldest existing building in the city.

Opera of Dubai– Did you even know that Dubai had an Opera house? Well… right next to the fountains of the Dubai Mall, a modern looking glass dhow-shaped building. It’s a real shame that it is not very popular amongst locals but that shouldn’t discourage you. Far from it, in fact, it should encourage you to go even more; a first class venue and no crowds. Paradise.

Have some fish Machboos –There ought to be a law against leaving the country, more specifically, customs should refuse to issue an exit visa unless you have eaten fish Machboos- a tasty spiced fish with saffron flavor rice. Forget about posh restaurants located downtown and head to a traditional Arab eatery. Pure bliss.

Indulge yourself with camel milk chocolate- surprisingly creamy and tasty. So quirky!

Visit the Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque– a truly work of art. Don’t expect a huge and crowded place but a beautifully decorated gathering spot for the local Muslim community with an architectural style similar to the Blue Mosque (Istanbul). Also, it is one of the few mosques in the UAE where no-Muslim are allowed in.

Buy some Bakhoor– Oh sweet Bakhoor! Frangance of the gods! Wood chips soaked in fragrant oils. I am going to stop there… because you really need to experience it yourselves.

  Okey… one “cliché”- go watch the Dubai mall fountain show from Joe’s Cafe.

What do you think?


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